Anna & Pat – Snuggle Session – Jupiter Photographer

Do you guys ever do something that you’re really freaking proud of but it takes you forever to share? Enter this session from good ole spring of 2017. I have been wanting to do more at home intimate sessions with couples and who better to reach out to than one of my photography model muses, Anna and Pat. I basically call them whenever I want to experiment with some film and they are always up for anything. They were the first family I shot on film and they are the first in home snuggle sesh I did. I love them. I feel like there is something more real and raw when you are shooting at home. It’s just you. No epic winter sunset to steal your thunder, just you. Add in some sweet jams, diffuse some essential oils, give some beloved prompts and your scene is set. It’s therapeutic.

This whole session was shot on film.

Mamiya645 with Fuji 400h

Nikon F100 with maybe Ilford Delta 3200 or Triple-X 400. I can’t remember!

Raw Roots Wellness

Almost a year ago (I know, I know) I collaborated with Betsy at Raw Roots Wellness to give her some gorgeous updated photos for her new venture into holistic nutrition. Betsy reached out to Megan James to help with styling and to use her absolutely, beautiful, to die for house for the photoshoot location. I also want to mention this was the second time I shot with my Mamiya 645. It was overcast and drizzly so I was definitely nervous about that with film indoors. However, I was over the moon with the results. Literally. I’m still so in love with them. Betsy has such a warm, infectious smile and everything Megan touches makes you just want to jump into it and live there.

Follow along to the end of the blog where Betsy shares one of her favorite recipes.


From Betsy:


Food is a life bringing force. With every bite, it has the power to bring health or disease. The choices we make every day have the ability to impact the quality of our life. By choosing living, real food, we are making the decision to say — yes, I’m going to love my body today!

As a mama and wife, I understand the daily struggles of incorporating new foods, personal preferences, and cooking different food needs. My daily food looks how it’s pictured, real, wholesome food doesn’t need to look dressed up, it’s amazing all on it’s own. Going through my personal struggles of autoimmunte disease has made me accutely aware of how food can contribute to health or disease with each bite. Getting started in the up and coming holistic nutrition field is new and exciting, but most of all, I love it because it helps people not just live, but thrive.

My very favorite tip to share when faced with changing a lifetime food or lifestyle habit is: start small!

Every step towards wellness is a step in the right direction. It can be as easy as switching your daily caffeine hit for one that’s made at home, or buying organic apples rather than conventional, making changes that stick are best done in small increments. It takes time and commitment and a promise to yourself that you want to feel better.

When shifting to a more natural-based diet, it’s important to find replacements for your special treats, to satisfy your sweet tooth and not leave you feeling deprived. Branching into raw treats is a fantastic way to keep your cravings in check and to get loads of important nutrients. This recipe for Raw Brownies was the first ever I used, and it has been a staple ever since! Surprisingly decadent while being super good for you, they let you indulge without spiking your blood sugar levels. Rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, brain-healthy Omega-3, and powerful cancer fighting antioxidants!

Raw Brownie Ingredients:

1 1/4 cup dates

3/4 cup walnuts

3 TBS cacao powder

1 tsp. real vanilla extract

1/2-1 tsp. sea salt

*Always use organic ingredients whenever possible!

Blend walnuts in food processor until small crumbs (dont overblend!) Add the rest of the ingredients and blend until mixture forms a nice, thick brownie paste. Feel free to add mix-ins like dairy-free chocolate chips, goji berries, cranberries, coconut flakes, or cacao nibs! Smooth into squares or balls and top with a pecan!

This recipe is perfect for a variety of diets, such as paleo, vegan, whole 30, and raw foodies!

Cheers to your health!

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Truvelle Romantic Styled Bridal Portraits

When Jessica Bordner was talking about this shoot she was planning to shoot a wedding dress and invited me I was like eh maybe. But when she sent me the picture of the dress I was like, SOLD but only if I can just shoot on film! This was such a fun styled shoot to be a part of. Thanks, Jess, for inviting me and for telling me to catch up on my blogging! 😉 This shoot was a year ago so it should also be mentioned that Weddings Unveiled featured it.

Nikon F100  Fuji 400h

Richard Photo Lab


Dress: Truvelle

Styling: Urban Vintage

Florals: Simply Flowers

Makeup: Make up by Jenn P.

Hair: Styles by Emily

Pearl Jewelry: Sea Lustre Jewelry

Bangle Bracelets: Roxie and Lola

Hair Pieces: Melinda Rose


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The B Family – Jupiter Family Photographer

A couple months ago I had just gotten my new film camera and was really excited to use it. Ana with Urban Vintage was about to take off on a cross country road trip with her family so we thought it would be fun to take some family pictures before the trip with the camper! They are so cute and have style for days. The weather was overcast but the rain held off for us and the sun peeked out right at the end. Thanks for letting me practice with your family, Ana! 🙂

Wardrobe Styling and Florals/Flower Crowns: Boho Garden Crowns

Mamiya 625 Pro  Fuji 400h

Richard Photo Lab


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The B Family – Jupiter Family Photography

Every year I am bestowed with the great honor of taking this family’s pictures for Christmas. It’s always fun and games when little ones are involved. I love seeing families grow behind my lens!

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